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Blog # 5 – Early Modern

  Surrealism is a type of art that delves into the psychological states of the world of dreams and fantasies. The word ‘surreal’ meaning ‘above reality’. The artists who depicted this movement were all influenced by the science of that … Continue reading

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Blog # 4 – Impressionism

Impressionism I feel was the start of something radical and remarkable. It’s so interesting to see the change between the previous periods and the Impressionist period. It was the beginning of freedom in the arts. The artists of the Impressionist … Continue reading

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Blog # 3 – Classical Era

During this era, the rise of the middle class mirrored the changes going on in the world. The revolutions during this time, the fierce opposition of aristocracy and this new period of Enlightenment gave way to a rise in the middle class. The middle … Continue reading

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