Blog # 3 – Classical Era

During this era, the rise of the middle class mirrored the changes going on in the world. The revolutions during this time, the fierce opposition of aristocracy and this new period of Enlightenment gave way to a rise in the middle class. The middle class felt empowered and they wanted their music to demonstrate that. The middle class demanded  a new form of music and symphony music that was anti Baroque. Ludwig Van Beethoven composed the 5th Symphony between 1804 and 1808 in Vienna, Austria and successfully responded to this new movement.

The middle class yearned for music that was simpler and easier to follow yet lively and dramatic and Beethoven achieved this with the 5th Symphony. This symphony is organized and lively. It was simple and elegant. It’s in sonata form and contains four movements that can seamlessly be heard.

I have always found Ludwig Van Beethoven very inspiring because he created beautiful music even though lack the only sense thought to be needed to compose music which was his hearing. His amazing talent resonates past his disabilities. It such a lively piece of music that can still be enjoyed today. It’s such a passionate and inspiring symphony with many layers.

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3 Responses to Blog # 3 – Classical Era

  1. Awesome piece! I also chose a Beethoven piece for my blog, “Moonlight Sonata.” I fully agree that he was an inspiring figure, not only then, but even to this day for overcoming the challenges of disabilities. I really enjoyed your connection to the middle class, and the influence his music had in comparison to the baroque era. I would have liked to see a little more background on Beethoven, but very interesting read!

  2. brucelee774 says:

    I was about to pick this piece as well! But… I wanted to choose a more personally related piece then this, like the Fur Elise. I do agree that for Beethoven’s disabilities the great works he has done. I enjoy this piece of work as well because it is so lively and this music also has a lot of uses in today’s cartoons, tv shows, and other media. You have met all the criteria’s required in this blog and good job. You have connected your work with the middle class as well. Keep on blogging!

  3. lscoghill says:

    I too chose a Beethoven piece for this assignment, I found it difficult to choose just one, since I found so many to be beautifully composed. The one you chose was one of my options, but I finally decided on “Moonlight Sonata”. He truly was and still is a musical inspiration. You did a great job on this blog. Thorough information on the middle class and the connections with the two. I would have to agree with the comment above, I would have liked to see some more background history on Beethoven.

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