Blog # 4 – Impressionism

Impressionism I feel was the start of something radical and remarkable. It’s so interesting to see the change between the previous periods and the Impressionist period. It was the beginning of freedom in the arts. The artists of the Impressionist period painted to their own gratification. The artists of the Renaissance and later periods defined art through specific techniques and these techniques had continued to be learned and used. There was
always a moral for these paintings instead of painting just to paint. Impressionists
had their own definition of art, as it should be. It’s almost like they questioned everything they had known and learned and just starting different techniques. I find the technique of the use of color to reflect images from a distance very unique. I also enjoy the undefined and relaxed structure – the soft brushstrokes and color schemes.

Claude Monet, considered to be a vital pioneer of the Impressionist era, painted many landscapes and pass times. In Monet’s Jeanne-Marguerite Lecadre in the Garden Sainte-Adresse (1867) You can see the vibrant use of color and her white dress radiates so brightly in this painting. You can also see the undefined lines, as this painting is better enjoyed from a distance.

Edgar Degas,
although he often considered the anti-Impressionist, he depicted the effects of
light in his paintings. In The Dance Class,1876, his use of line and
light is seen very clearly. He also painted a lot of paintings of dancers which
is also an Impressionist characteristic.

Lily, Lily, Rose
(1886) by John Singer Sargentbut painted the effect
of the most perfect sunset has, in terms of color, shadows and light on a scene.



Impressionism, in comparison with other styles and artists like Jan van Eyck from the
Renaissance, is very free. In his painting for example of The Arnolfini Portrait you can see the definition of lines and his Renaissance techniques. Although he plays with light in this portrait, it is precise, polished and almost militant. It conveys no emotion to me. There
was also a lot of symbolism included in this painting whereas I feel Impressionist paintings leave more room for individual interpretation that leads to creative stimulation.








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