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Blog # 8 – Non Western Art

Frida Kahlo – Diego and I– (1949) I chose this painting by Frida Kahlo because she has always appealed to me as a Latin woman. I have seen pieces of the movie made about her and it always appealed to … Continue reading

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Blog # 7 – Non Western Art

I chose a work of art by Fernando Botero because I have actually had the privilege of seeing his art first hand. My mother is from Medellin, Colombia which is where Botero is from as well. All throughout Medellin you can see sculptures made by … Continue reading

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Blog 6 – Feminist Movement in Art

[T]o be a woman is to be an object of contempt, and the vagina, stamp of femaleness, is devalued. The woman artist, seeing herself as loathed, takes that very mark of her otherness and by asserting it as the hallmark … Continue reading

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