Blog # 8 – Non Western Art

Frida Kahlo – Diego and I(1949)

I chose this painting by Frida Kahlo because she has always appealed to me as a Latin woman. I have seen pieces of the movie made about her and it always appealed to me how in the movie she conveyed her emotions effortlessly in such a unique way. I have always found her paintings to be immensely interesting. This particular piece, Diego and I (1949) appealed to me because in watching the film about her, I recall reflecting upon the dynamic she had with her husband Diego Rivera, an artist as well. They had such an interesting, obsessive and volatile relationship. I believe this particular painting conveys her emotions towards her relationship with her husband. This portrait was made in 1949 during the time in which he was having an affair and although they still remained together as a couple, this painting shows the pain she endured.  

Diego’s face painted on her forehead suggests that she always thinks of him – almost as if he is dominant of her thoughts. The tears in the portrait convey the pain she feels. Her hair almost looks like it is strangling her as if to suggest she cannot live without Diego. I love how Frida seems to bluntly express how she feels, even if her emotions are a little contradicting.

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7 Responses to Blog # 8 – Non Western Art

  1. myrnmccord says:

    Interesting painting. I looked at some of her artwork and thought them a bit strange. I actually don’t like this one mainly because it says to me that Diego is in control of her life. Maybe he was. As you already know, you didn’t include any information other than the references for this painting. It would have been nice to know at least why you chose this painting, the history is easy enough to look up but should have been provided.

  2. This blog is a published draft, I have not completed the assignment yet. Should be done by Monday. My apologies for the confusion!

  3. acschultz91 says:

    Hm…an interesting painting, for sure. I can’t really decide if I like it or not. I think I’m leaning towards not, there are so many eyes staring at me when I look at it. Anyway, you don’t really have any information about the work or artist, so I’m not sure about your reaction or interpretation. I’m curious as to why you chose it and what about it appealed to you.

  4. I posted a draft, as mentioned above. I had a hard time creating and saving a draft on WordPress so I thought it best to just publish one and edit/ complete it when I was ready. It is now complete. Sorry guys for the confusion!

  5. I enjoy that you chose a piece with such an interesting story. Her influence in the creation of this piece is very clear. This almost takes some of the appeal away for me, as it is such a direct translation rather than layered and disguised in some way. I suppose without the back story the connection wouldn’t be as apparent though, nice work tying it all together.

  6. Anna says:

    In this blog she did state the year, the artist and the name of the painting; however she did not state where the artist is from or where it took place.
    she didn’t really state what she liked about the painting, the only thing she really said that she loved was that she stated how Frida seems to bluntly express how she feels, even if her emotions are a little contradicting. she did state what she thought the peice meant. and what the tears meant and the face on the womans forhead. she did not connect the wor to any other work during the northern or Italian Renaissance. she did have some links to websites about the artist and the painting. but she didnt cite anything.
    My reaction would be that it is short and to the point, however it seems that she does like the artist and what the arist represents. she like how the artist gets her feelings out in the pitchure. I do feel that she should of stated more about why and what she liked about the painting. maybe more about the coloring and what the artist is trying to tell the world. Is this woman from Egypt? Does this woman and man have Religious beliefs? Does this man control her everymove? Is this a self portrait of her?
    It does look to me that this woman is in a lot of pain. It looks to me that the man on her forhead either is a very controling man in her life or over her life. Is this man her husband? Maybe this woman is very confused about this man and very hurt by his infadelity and doesnt know what to do about this man. maybe she is asking for help. I the mand haunting her thoughts with what she has done?

  7. nickbeischer says:

    Interesting piece very well done by the artist with exceptional attention to detail. The work has a very intriguing story, which I enjoy. I appreciate her influence on the piece, which is clear and not hidden in some complicated form. I blogged about this particular artist as well and found her very interesting. I find her to be a tough Latin women and I respect her greatly.

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